How to open a new TrueMoney account?

Getting a new account is very easy! Go to any of our TrueMoney agents. You can open a TrueMoney account in either Khmer Riel or US Dollars.

Every customer will get their own TrueMoney card and can access their wallet with the 4 digit PIN code.

Always remember your PIN as you need it every time you make a transaction.

You are required to show your TrueMoney card when you request to deposit or withdraw your money at any of our over 5000 TrueMoney outlets nationwide.


To apply, you must have your own valid documents as below:

- Cambodian ID card

- Passport

- Cambodian Driving license (Police/ Army Driving license)

- Government Civil Service Care (Police/ Army ID Cards)

- Cambodian Employment Book - Voter ID (with photograph)

- Monk Card

- Local letter and photograph from local authority (commune or village chief) confirming the identity, date of birth and address of the customer.

The photograph must be permanently attached to the document and include a stamp across the photo.document and include a stamp across the photo.